Here are some handy tips that can make your self storage experience a positive one.

Tips for choosing self-storage

·        Phoning for prices is fine. However, before you commit to a rental, take a tour of the facility.

·        Be certain the aisles are paved and plowed in the winter months.

·        Make sure the facility you choose has driveways and aisles that can accommodate large moving vans.

·        A well-lit facility is important for safety as well as convenience (check for interior lighting.)

·        Be sure fencing surrounds the entire facility – and check for other security measures.

·        A resident manager on the premises making daily inspections is a must.

Tips for storing your property

·        Label boxes on all sides for easy identification.

·        Make sure fragile boxes are placed on top of heavier, less delicate boxes.

·        Better yet, invest in plastic containers that are sturdy and made for stacking.

·        Use shelving to organize your items and fully utilize the height of your unit.

·        Place frequently accessed items toward the front of your unit. Less frequently needed items and valuables should be placed toward the rear of the unit.

·        Never store food items

·        Boxes that are sealed with tape will prevent dust from entering.

·        Covering upholstered furniture with sheets will keep dust from accumulating.